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I look at it this way. Just eat real food most of the time. Shoot for fresh veg, meat, fruit, nuts, and fat in that order of volume. When I eliminated processed food I didn't need to count carbs, they were just low.
When the weight loss stalled I started upping the exercise. I added more low GI carbs such sweet potato, or more fruit like apples, pears, or banana; and tree nuts.
I learned to listen to what my body needs. I have learned; more carbs on HIIT days, more protein on lifting days, fast or fat on a long slow walk/jog days, no exercise or recovery eat balanced or whatever till satiated. Some days I eat like 3500 calories and others 800.
Everyone’s different. Use low carb to kill insulin resistance and remind your body how to burn fat as fuel; then adapt the carb level based on your activity. Some thrive on med-long term very low carb while others do well with a lot more.
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