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I haven't used a recipe; just add from what I have on hand

greens - lots spinach, mixed greens, kale, chard, wheatgrass/powder
seaweed - a little chlorella, spirlina, kelp
fat -a little coconut oil, macadamia nuts, avocado
fruit - lots of low GI fruit like berries; easy on the sweeter 1/3 frozen banana, apple, pear, mango, cherry
veg - medium amount 1carrot, 1celery, 3mushrooms...
protein -a little whey powder
liquid- as needed filtered water, coconut milk unsweetened, almond milk unsweetened
other- a little chia seeds, bee pollen, raw almond butter, cacao nibs, inulin/FOS, coconut kefir, yogurt, flax seed, cinnamon, medicinal herbs....

Normally I taste and add more fruit if needed. 1-2 cups of frozen mixed berries and 1/2-1/3 frozen banana usually cover all the greens, but I don't need it to sweet these days
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