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3 times now I've tried to write a reply here, having definitely server tech difficulties today...

I gained. 1 pound. BOOOOOOOOO.... now 6 pounds from goal, not 5. No excuses! I put other people's priorities ahead of mine, and made bad food decisions, and didnt work out, but once. When offered the cocktail, I said yes. The me from this spring would have said no thank you. The dessert? This week I said HELL YES, the me from this spring would have said no thank you, and had a Jello sugar free Mousse once I got home. I am accountable to this.

Today is new. I'm doing great today (except for this computer! LOL) Im back to planning my meals instead of waiting until getting home at 9pm to figure it out. And I've got a great workout planning for this evening.

Today is the day I follow my own mantra. Just keep swimming. And I thank each of you, because you guys help me, each day. Debra, you inspire me. Pam, once again you show us that the goal is in reach, and can be maintained. And people like you, Laurie who are seeing nothing but lemons, still stick to your plan and that is inspiring. And so many more of you that I read about but didnt write your names, thanks for helping me, each and every day.
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