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Hi Kristina, Thanks, it was hardest for me to resist the popcorn..! I like to have a couple glasses of wine a week, other than that, don't really drink much alcohol. Practicing moderation, but not deprivation this time. The occasional snacks won't do any harm. We have 3 concerts to go to this month, so I was feeling just strong enough, and not hungry last night (which helped), to pass on any 'treats'! Yay!

Syd, Yes, i am really struggling with social life/food being so interconnected in my life. Really noticing it more and more. When I do go out on occasion, I am going to be really cautious with what I order. What I have done in the past is committed to eating just half of my meal, and taking the other half home. This worked for me, so trying it again.

Diane, Feels good to clear out junk, doesn't it? I am doing the same...and it counts as exercise too, a bonus!
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