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Smile On Day Two: 27, Female, Determined


You can call me Castor. I'm 27, going on 28 (which I experience secret anxiety about, even though I tell everyone that I'm thrilled to be getting older). I've never been a thin girl, and I've been dieting and exercising on and off since I was 9. When I joined the Navy in 2007, I dropped a great deal of weight in just the two months of boot camp. I was a size 12 for the first time since middle school, bordering on a size 11, and discovered for the first time how tiny my waist is naturally. (I generally have an average chest, tiny waist, and HUGE hips and rear.) My weight bounced up and down some throughout my deployment, but I maintained the dress size 12 and a weight between 150 lbs and 170 lbs throughout. (My body measurements kept me in regulation weight, even when my actual weight was a little over. I'm 5'4", btw.)

However, once I left the military, I gained weight pretty quickly. Three years since I rejoined the civilian world, I am now 195 lbs and 38"-32"-48.5". I have used FitDay on and off since I was, gosh, probably 15, but generally just as a calorie counter. I now intend to utilize it more fully, and am logging everything, including my measurements and moods and goals. I also figure it's a good idea to use the forums, so here I am.

Today I took my starting photos, so as I go along, I'll probably chart my progress in the Success Stories forum. My ultimate goal weight is 115 lbs--which I've never even vaguely considered a healthy weight for me, until FitDay told me the healthy weight range for a woman my height is 107-125 lbs O.o--but my current goal weight is 130 lbs. It feels a million miles away, but I'm following FitDay's caloric intake recommendations, consuming mainly raw produce and green tea and water, and slowly adding in a little more exercise every day. The main thing is changing my whole lifestyle. I want to be a more active, healthy person. It is boring to spend so much of my day in front of the television or in front of a computer. Particularly for my best friend's daughter--who is very much my surrogate daughter, as I've nannied her literally from birth--I want to be that physically and mentally fit influence for her.

So, I'm two days in now and going strong. Wish me luck ^_^.
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