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Originally Posted by rulrich06 View Post
Hi! I'd really like to join! I moved out to Korea last year, and was shocked to find I had gained about 10-15 pounds when I went home to visit over Christmas break. Since I didn't know a lot of the Korean food in the grocery store, I would buy a lot of pasta. And lunch is served buffet style at work. I have always been a consistent weight up until this year basically, and I really don't like it the sudden change. Let's kick these last few pounds to the curb!
Welcome! glad you found us. I know how those pesky little pounds can just keep piling on. Looks like you caught it just in time. I used to be a pasta freak! I just thought is was good for me since I could add all kinds of tasty things to it like... butter, cheese, al fredo sauce, an occassional tomato sauce and more butter and cheese. (Yeah, and it is also cheap) Little did I know how many calories I was leaving on my body - yikes! Now pasta is an occassional treat, and usually a smallish serving with a big salad. I can't wait to see what those pounds left by the curb look like

Originally Posted by beccafries View Post
Got my new batteries... Im weighing early..leave for NYC tomorrow

148.2 last weigh in...147.2 today

Good Luck to everybody on WED...
Awesome - a full pound! See you when you get back. Get lots of walking in, and stay away from the deep fried food trucks .
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