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I workout every morning on an empty stomach (except for a little bit of coffee).
I'll get to the gym before work and do 30-60 min weight training every other day and 30 min cardio daily (M-F).

After the workout, I'll then make scrambled eggs or an omlette and I'll use egg whites and sometimes a whole egg.
I like my food spicy so I'll usually spice it up with tabasco and cayenne pepper and then stuff everything into a wheat pita or use the whole wheat thin buns.
I''ll top it off with raw spinach, low fat feta cheese and avocado....mmmm

But yeah, everybody is different. My girlfriend, who will work out early with me on occasion is the opposite of me, she needs to eat before any physical activity or she'll feel sick.

And then for my 10am feeding, I'll have a cup of fat free vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries, fresh banana and 1/2 cup of shredded wheat and an apple.
This will tie me over until lunch- about 3 hrs later.
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