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Default New - Need some help!

Hello All!

I am new to Fitday as of today and I have a couple of questions and I am hoping someone can clarify some things for me so I can be successfull on my journey for weight loss!

Can someone explain Net Calories? I am trying to figure out where it shows (if it does) how many calories I need to consume daily in order to lose weight.

I started the daily log and was that ever eye opening!!! I honestly thought that I didnt consume that many calories along with my eating low carb... Just putting in what I ate for breakfast, a snack and lunch.. I was shocked to see the caloric intake. Makes me not want to eat any more today... haha

Ok so for example... my caloric intake for today so far has been 807.. and the net calories is a negative something (sorry cant remember what it was).. so what does that mean?

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