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omg i just made the most fabulous meal using the shirataki noodles! first of all, i went to super walmart, fry's, safeway and albertson's and could not find them. i finally went to the sunflower market (a healthy food store) and there they were. they are not the plain shirataki noodles. they are the ones that are part tofu, so 4 oz carries 20 calories and 3 carbs...still amazing compared to pasta.

anyways, i chopped up 1 clove of garlic and put it in a bit of canola oil and got the pan hot. i added finely sliced green bell peppers (1 oz) and broccoli florets (2.5oz) along with 1.5c shredded cabbage and carrots in a pre-cut salad bag. i stir-fried that until it was relatively well cooked. i put in 2 Tbsp kikkoman garlic & green onion teriyaki sauce. last i added in 2 oz cut up cooked chicken and 2 oz cut up (washed and patted dry) shirataki noodles. it made a very filling bowl of asian stir fry that was absolutely packed with flavor and texture, and the noodles were just as good as any pasta. i couldn't even tell the difference. all in all the count for the meal was 287 calories, 26.5 carbs, and 23g of protein. i think it made an awesome meal, and i can't wait to make it again for the whole family next time. i definitely recommend trying it.
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