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Default Running/Jogging Pace?

Hey guys!
So I'm in semi-decent shape already (been a dancer most of my life, and there's pretty much no way you can make it through 5 hours of class + rehearsal a day if you're not), but I've recently taken up running seriously. Before last week, the most I had run in one session was about 2 miles (and boy, was I winded afterwards!), but I've been pushing myself and yesterday got through 3.1 miles in 29:05.
My question is about pacing. Right now, the heat/humidity combination here is driving me to the treadmill instead of outdoors for running, which is actually pretty nice because it means I get a really solid idea of my speed at all times.
What I tried yesterday when I was running was (after a quick walking warm-up) to do the first mile in 9:44, bump up the speed for the second mile, and bump it up again for the third. Essentially, I just really wanted to avoid slowing down at the end. I was a little tired, but not exhausted by the end of it, so I think next time I run (either today or tomorrow), I'll try starting at a faster pace, but keep the idea of bumping it up for each mile.
Is this a solid idea to try to increase my overall speed, or should I be trying to keep a steady pace throughout the entire run? Eventually, of course, I'd like to to transition into that, but for some reason I feel like if I can get the last mile to be at a pace I'd like (probably around 8:30), then doing the entire run at that pace wouldn't be as difficult.

If any runners more experienced than myself would be willing to comment on this and tell me if that sounds reasonable or if I'm just being an idiot/overthinking things, I would really appreciate it.


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