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Hi i am new just started tracking on Friday and now I grasp what I am eating. WW worked for me a few years back but after getting married I couldn't make the meetings as often, then I realized I was starving just to get enough points to eat dinner. Now I really space things out, I write everything out, I see what is protien, what is carb, what is fat and how much of it I am getting daily vs what I am burning.

I am now dedicated to doing some form of excercise daily because I am obligated to put it down, even if it is a off day I have to do something its really keeping me focused. I truly think this may be the final thing for me - of course I am hopefuly (first week back on track) but this is the best first week I have ever had.

I cheated and checked the scale and I dropped 8lbs in 6 days, but my official weight in is Friday. I realize that is a bit fast and mostly water weight but now I know what I am doing! Thanks Fitday!!!
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