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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
There are serveral websites out there that allow you to input the ingredients for a recipe and will then calculate the total calories and all the RDA's. Most of them allow you to tell the program how many servings the recipe calls for, therefore the nutrient load per serving. I think the calorie counter is one of them, but let Google do the searching
Hi Pam,

I have been doing pretty much the same as Mike. I go to a future day (usually tomorrow), enter all the items and then use the calorie breakdown chart in addition to the total nutrition (chart instead of table). I created a spread sheet with all the items: sodium, copper, niacin, etc.) and enter all the total values (column A)of the whole recipe. Column B is #servings, and the 3rd column is a simple formula A/B = value per serving.

It works pretty well but I too think there should be an easier way. I just googled calorie counters and checked a few websites out. Not only are their calculators inferior to fitday (IMHO), but I could not find one that would perform this action. Plus, I really don't want to use another site - kinda defeats the purpose of being on Fitday in the first place if you have to use another site's calculator!

Maybe something to consider for a future upgrade???

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