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Default Leaving on a trip...

I have lost 55 pounds in the last eleven weeks (300 to 245). I am heading to camp with my kids' cross country team. It's eleven days and they work at a carnival at night where they get coupons for free food. The food is typical carnival fair and not healthy at all--these kids are in great shape because they run 40 to 50 miles a week (and they're fast), so even though they eat like this there's not a girl there who weighs over 110 and not a boy over 135.

So with everybody eating junk this trip ends up being my diet downfall every year. Not this year. I just bought $150 worth of healthy food to take with me and I am going to run every morning and stay under 2000 calories every day. I will let you know if I succeeded when I get back. I would love to step on the scales and see something under 240.

Wish me luck.
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