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Sounds worthy Nik, and Pam, great rides, how lovely.

So, yesterday, I did go to runners club. I announced at the beginning my plan to be the slowest, but I found that middle of the pack worked well. 4 beautiful miles along the Charles River (or Chuck, to his friends). Now, this was my second run of the day, Iím very proud of myself.

This AM would normally have been a run before yoga, but I thought that might be unwise, so I jumped on a Expresso Bike and chased up Wild Goat Falls (saw the Yeti!), and then did the campus loop 40 minutes riding (best in the Y for the Wild Goat Falls (ok, no one else had logged that ride), and didnít beat my personal best for the campus loop. This was followed by blissful yoga!

And on to work.
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