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YAY PAM - those crossing the tens are so fun! I saw 149 over the weekend, but it wasn't an official day, still, made me smile!

Originally Posted by LoserLaurie View Post
I was doing really well and then my Grandmother passed away this past weekend. Can we say "emotional eating"? At the lunch the church provided it was sandwiches, potato salad, chips, cookies, cake ... ugh!

Oh well, I guess I have to start back on the "diet bandwagon" and get this under control. Hoping its a lot of water weight gained.

I need to stop looking at the scale daily, terrible habit I can't seem to break. Not going to check it again till this weekend.

Hope all of you are having a good week
Laurie, I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Grandmothers can be an amazing presence, and looks like your grand kids got to know a "great grandmother". There is an aspect in addition to emotional eating, which is good social eating. If the good people of the church worked to provied that lunch, and eating with your family was a way to be together, it was a good thing to do, the key is occassionally.
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