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Apparently I'm really bad at introducing myself properly-this is why I need to start proofreading my posts more carefully!! I think I've put my name in, but I guess I'm just saying it in my head-oops! I just got done with Jillian, and I need to shower, then haul four ream boxes and two garbage bags full of crap I just cleaned out of my closet this afternoon downstairs and to the goodwill. I'm not saying the workout got easier, per say, but I did notice that it didn't take me quite as long to recover today, and my arms had a little more stamina. I'm really glad I didn't let me talk myself out of doing it. I was going to use the box hauling as an excuse to not work out, like I did with laundry on Monday. Ok, enough procrastinating-I'm off to finish my to do list!
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