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Originally Posted by JaydenAustin View Post
Hi Pam!

I spent some time navigating the site tonight. One thing I learned today. I consumed a LOT more calories than I thought I did today. Yikes! Not to mention, carbs.

I can see that I need to enter my food as I go along and not at the end of the day... by then it's too late! LOL

Oh yea, welcome to the club. It was quite a shocker (and wake-up call) when I did exactly the same thing. Huh? how could I possibly be eating that much???

BTW some people use the food log to plan their daily meals ahead of time. It can be really helpful, especially when you know that you have a social gathering ahead of you and you want to try to maintain a healthy, balance diet, but don't want to deprive yourself of the fun associated with sharing a meal or snacks with friends and relatives.

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