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hello Nita!

I have been away for sooo long. I have had awful migraines with small post migraine strokes and really been a bit of a mess..I managed some walking but have gained about 3
Lbs in the process. I still get confused, but my brain is healing.

Something happened to my shoulder, I have been in pain and on codeine tablets & ice packs for 10 days. I went to the doctor last week and had x-rays and everything is "fine" so if it doesn't heal by Wednesday I will seek additional help with physiotherapy. It is deep in my left shoulder blade radiating into my neck...walking outdoors is painful so I have been skipping the morning walks for now. Our temps will be 35c tomorrow, too hot for anything!!

No progress has been made on my decorating, I have not even Thought about my wall words/painting colors. I did see a design show on tv a few years back where a wall of a home office was painted a blue-gray with copper colored wall words..stunning!

Nita, your garden sounds beautiful! Our garden is Tiny in comparison to yours but we manage to plant a good variety. This year we have cantaloupe in our back garden but I am wondering if it would be better off lakeside where the sun is hottest? I am not the gardener in our family so I keep most of my "plant opinions" to myself Lol

It is June 25 and yesterday was my Dad's birthday, he passed in '02 but I still sang to his photo in our living room. Happily you still have your Dad and he came for Father's Day dinner..your menu sounded delicious Nita!! We eat food like that as well, pate on toast is a real husband likes it a Lot.

Nita, have you ever heard of the "Tough Mudder" army maneuvers competition? It is a fundraiser to get soldiers back on their feet upon their return to civilian life. I believe it is the English Special Forces that put all this together? There is a competition in the U.K in November my daughter in law is signed up for. Anyway..the reason I brought it up is my daughter trained all year and entered her first "Tough Mudder" in Vancouver, British Columbia this past Saturday and actually Finished!!! It is 10-12 miles of obstacles like running thru deep mud and water and live electrical is CRAZY!!! Their team name was the "Dirty Ballerinas"...they were dressed in black with hot pink ballet tutu's!! There was a huge difference in cleanliness between the start line and the finish line..but they looked happy in both Lol. Nita if you google Tough Mudder it will show you what I am talking about.

We are having tuna melts for dinner tonight as I can't face another meat salad. I am defrosting chicken breasts this afternoon and will make Mulligatawny soup tomorrow morning..with a painful shoulder I am really slowed down, I think twice before doing just about anything. it is very late in England and I imagine you are in bed by now.

Talk with you soon Nita!

Ciao ciao,

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