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J Ramirez-Your body does not make you-you. I know you have heard it a million times before just like I have, it is what's inside that counts. I know you have confidence in yourself or you wouldn't be trying to lose weight. You know that you can do it! If you didn't you would still be sitting around not trying and thinking "why bother?".

Just take it a day at a time and you will see progress. I know there are a lot of people who take a day and cheat a little. I absolutely have not done that. I am only hurting myself if I do. I have not eaten ANY fast food since Jan 1 2009. I have not had anything fried or unhealthy. If I do eat out, it is at a restaurant where I can order a grilled chicken breast, a plain baked potato and salad. Like I said before I won't deprive my family. I actually had a plan to eat McDonalds on New Years Day for a celebration but then decided against it. I figured I have gone a year without it, why sabatoge myself at this point. I probably would have gotten sick from all the grease anyway LOL!

You have absolutely the right mindset on a lifestyle change. That is what I did. I get so much enjoyment out of other things in life now, that food does not have to be one of them! I no longer feel like I am on a "diet". It is now the way I eat and everyone knows it. Nobody tempts with "just take a bite or just have some of this". They know I don't eat it. I don't think most people would tempt a vegetarian with "just take a bite of this hamburger". So why do people do that to others who are trying to eat more healthier?

Just keep your mind in the right place and positive things will happen. Don't let your friends or family keep you down. Do this for yourself! It may not happen quickly but don't let that discourage you. I have my own mini battles. I work from home so I am always around food. It would just be so easy for me to get up, walk to the kitchen and grab something. But my mind always tells me I will only be hurting myself!

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