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Default Hi Christine

I am also older - almost 56 - and a carbaholic, and new to this site. I'd be happy to be your diet buddy - I could use a weight-loss friend too.

About me:
I live in the state of Oregon, USA. (Just north of California.) I am looking to lose about 25 lbs. (close to 2 stone) and get more fit. I have been up and down. At my heaviest (about 1 year ago) I was 190 lbs. (13.5 stone). Now at 176 (down about a stone), and joined FitDay in search of new tools and motivation after a friend lost a lot of weight using this or a similar site. I struggle with exercise - never seem to get to that state of actively looking forward to it that some people describe.

Seems we have some things in common?

Jaime (yes, that is my name, and I am female)
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