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Originally Posted by muaythai_fatguy View Post
2400 was the weight loss level... Most calculators put (sedentary) maintenance at about 3000.

net calories tried was something like... 1900, 2300, 2500, 2700...

Everything I cook is tracked with a food scale. Variables would be portion sizes at restaurants, and potentially my heart rate monitor (or other exercise calculators) being drastically off.

2100-2300 calories worked fantastically for the first 40lbs of weight loss. Literally flew right off; didn't even exercise.

I agree that if I'm eating at a deficit - I should be losing weight. Even if it's primarily lean mass. That's why I'm thinking about dropping way down to 1200. Something is screwed up in the math.
I've gotta agree with Skoorb. I would try 1500--it worked pretty well for me. The problem with going too low cal is that it is very difficult to stick to (I know, I did 1000 a day for nine months before) and may not work much better than a slightly higher level that is easier to live with.

And, make darned sure those are 1500 "good" cals. I like at least 100 grams of protein, fruit, veggies and as little simple carbs as possible.

If you weigh/measure your portions and stick to 1500 a day, I guarantee you will lose weight.

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May 4, 2010...... 440? lbs. (Start FitDay Size 60 Jeans)
June 19, 2010.... 393 lbs. (First Weigh-in)
June 19, 2011.... 229 lbs. (164 lbs. gone in one year :-)
Current Weight... 185 lbs. (Size 36 Jeans)

Next Goal 169 lbs. (07/04/12)
Ultimate Goal 165 lbs. (12/31/12)

The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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