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So another update -- been getting more active, taking longer walks more frequently, and getting my ass killed at the gym by my trainer, and it seems to be working. I'm now at 306lbs as of this morning.

I've gotten to this point a few years ago, but this is where it always fizzled out -- for the first time in years, I know i can get past this and exit the 300 mark for good. I don't think I've been under 300 in more than 10 years, so its a big milestone for me!

For anyone who wants to lose a lot of weight, invest the money into a trainer -- its not only ongoing accountability, but he/she will push you past what you think you can do. In the past 10 weeks, I've lost 17 pounds already... more than I would have on my own, and I've learned how to work out on my own in a focused way.

People are also starting to notice the weight loss and I need to go buy some smaller clothing as they're now too big. I find that I'm also doing much better at the gym, and notice that I'm much more stable (not falling over), able to do the routine without too much struggle, and able to last an hour without running out of energy.

I'm hoping by the end of July, at the latest, I'll be in the 290s!
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