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Portion control has been my problem. Some of my meals are just a half a pita (80 calories) stuffed with veggies. Oh, I must not lie - it's really two halves and I add some olives and cubes of feta cheese. Sometimes, it's just my own homemade coleslaw (prepackaged slaws of various compositions, tossed with a little bit of full-fat dressing and then drained... sometime I even drain, rinse under some running water and drain again, chill and have a slightly flavored very crispy slaw with almost no liquid) in the pita.

I was at my local supermarket recently and ordered a 'vegetarian' sub. A hoagie roll with pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, hot peppers and coleslaw. Nothing else on it - by the time they add the coleslaw, there's not much room in the sandwich, so it's not much coleslaw. In the old days, I would have thought about how it needed cheese, or meat, or some protein. Now, I just appreciate it for the veggies. It's a meal - larger than your small meal but definitely feels luxurious to someone who diets.
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