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Wink Plateau

Originally Posted by jaxis View Post
I have been primal for 9 weeks and lost 18 lbs in the first 6 weeks but for the last three weeks nothing!!! Getting very frustrated
18lbs in 6 weeks that's pretty good! Don't beat yourself up, I'm at a plateau too after 4 weeks. For me, it's time to get out the fine toothed comb and go through specific aspects of my eating plan and lifestyle that I can adjust and control. For example, pushing myself too far into getting hungry = DOOM!! Poor choices that I know I can and have to control. I eat a lot of almonds and pepitos for the protein, though I do get concerned about the cholesterol with nuts.

The good thing is, I find the more time I can research my healthy eating plan, the better my motivation is and it keeps the info fresh in my mind. I suggest finding small areas you can control and tweak. As in the business world, if your business becomes stagnant, it ceases. So does your eating choices and lifestyle.
Best wishes!!
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