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Originally Posted by azazelsfyre View Post
Just thought I'd update you guys. I'm back to doing tae bo because between Insanity and work, my knees were not handling it well. However, I've noticed I'm sorer after tae bo, but less tired.
Kinda funny you mention this. I am not an old guy but my knees feel old. When i see the insanity commercials I just think "over use injury". My guess is that the average person who's not in pretty decent shape to begin with would have a hard time getting through this program without some problems. It's very, very high impact. I'd love to do it personally. I am positive I have the will power to get through it but there's no way my joints would hold up, no chance in the world.
i'm in my second week of insanity. the workout kills me but i am planning to follow through to see where it takes me. so far have not lost even an ounce yet and still feel tight in my clothes. don't know if i'm doing something wrong!
Sorry to be glib, but this is easy: you eat too much. You could literally do three hours of cardio/day and gain weight if you increased calorie consumption to match it, which is easy to do. After all, many endurance athletes despite doing more exercise in a day than most do in a week find they have to consciously restrict calories to lean up for competition.
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