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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
Vito- go easy on the No Salt. It's easy to OD on potassium using that; too much potassium can stop your heart.
Intravenously, yeah. 30mg/kg of potassium chloride would lock-up your heart tout-suite.
But I sincerely doubt VitoVino is injecting his daily potassium.

Orally, the LD50 of potassium is 2.5g/kg. A 180lb man/woman would have to consume 200 grams, or over 40 times the RDA of potassium to get to that level. Yummy!

So Vito, relax and enjoy your salt substitute(s).
You're gonna die, we all die -- eventually, but it won't be from 'No Salt' potassium poisoning.

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