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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
No, I stayed cuddled in bed sweating listening to the fan, and recovering from a lovely dinner. I reset the clock for 6, and looked at it when it said "5:59", so got up - after I was showered and dressed, I realized I had misread it - it was only 6:10 then, so I got about an hour of light duty yard work done before the heat of the day. Sad to miss yoga out of sheer laziness, but there's always another day.

Sometimes you just gotta sleep in I did the opposite this morning- up @ 5am, went to the gym lifted weights for 40 min and ran on the dredmill for 30min.

It's been way to hot lately for running after work and I've been recovering from vacation. It's sure tough to get back into the routine after having a bunch of time off and catching a cold while traveling Tried running a couple of days ago and could barely do 3 miles...ugh...Damn you Vegas!
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