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A really fast, easy (and cheap) way to get in the cooked vegetables that you already like is to buy the frozen ones without sauce or salt added. Buy whatever veggies you like (peas and carrots are easy), and toss a handful or two into whatever you are having for dinner: rice, pasta, casseroles, soups, spaghetti sauce, burritos, mac & many options and so easy! When I don't feel like cooking, I will sometimes throw a bunch into a diet frozen dinner so I get the added nutrients along with bulking up the skimpy meal. Some of those "dinners" are so small and have a pathetic amount of veggies!

Frozen veggies have gotten a bad rap that really isn't earned. They can be just as nutritious as the fresh kinds, sometimes even more when you consider how long many of our "fresh" veggies sit in a truck or on a boat before they get to us, losing vitamins along the way.

Edit: Just realized that wasranch said pretty much the same thing I did. For some reason I didn't see the last few posts when I read the thread. Didn't mean to repeat!
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