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Originally Posted by TheHungryGirl View Post
Hello all,

My name is HungryGirl, and I have been coping with various allergies since I was seven. I am allergic to soy, wheat, dairy, sugars, gluten, sulphites.

It's sometimes kinda hard to live with these allergies, there isn't much i can eat, do you know of any recipes that I'm able to eat??

Hi HungryGirl,
Welcome to the forums. Sometimes our tricky little brains focus on the things we can't eat rather than all the great stuff you can eat. You have lots of room for fresh vegetables, eggs, chicken and fish. You can also look to an occassional sweet or white potato, corn on the cob, rice or rice noodles for starch. Nuts are a great snack item as is jerky.

There are a number of pretty good gluten-free flour mixes out there. They tend to be a little pricey as compared to wheat flour, but when you just gotta have a pancake or waffle, they work fine.

As far as dairy, have you tried almond or rice milk? I am not much of a milk drinker (never have liked the taste) but I will use in cereal (oats) or some recipes. I would have a hard time living without cheese. Many lactose intolerant folks have found that either goat or sheep's milk cheese is much better tolerated.

I bet if you hopped over to the foods section and posted a question, you would get some pretty good responses.

Let us know what you find and what you have liked!
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