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Default Katy Please read this

Your life is a gift!, you have found this site for a reason! the reson for most here is we are here to help each other. This is a journey for us to regain our health!, read the success storys!, this is real and its proof that we can and do support one another!, Fight fight with all you have, but to win this fight you must own the battle , let no one else make choices for you that you know are unhealthy, start this minute, and if it gets tough and it will handle every minute one at a time, rather then saying oh well this day is lost!, because it isn't design your plan of attack, as others have posted follow the path cling to what works for you and stick with it. I felt the same as you did not long ago!, I made up all kind of excuses for myself. but one day the light went on and I took control of my out of contol eating, and ended the way I was treating my body,, for me Diets only work if you followit through for ever with the advise of a health professional, please join us and fight this disease!

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