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Default although you are seeing a 2# increase

it may not be all of what you eat, I know if I eat a slice or two of Pizza today tomorrow I will sho a 5# gain. my body just does not deal with salt!,
my typical day is I stop and get a 20 oz decaff no cream or sugar, I grab a Kashi Go Lean crunch bar, and eat it for breakfast, I also pick up a pre made salad that Wawa sell its 230 cal, and a Kens fat 60 cal. free Honey dijon dressing, for lunch and for a snack is a piece of fresh fruit, , I get home aropund 5 pm, I have found frozen fruit in a resealable bag I got a mixed berry kind, and I eat that as a snack befor I make my dinner, shake a palm of your hand size in a bowl and eat them with a spoon, because they are frozen they melt in your mouth!, then for dinner I make a health one last night was steamed peas and pearl onion, boiled shrimp a bout 12 ea. I would have made brown rice top go with but I didn't and I was good for the day,

Sunday are my problem day I love breakfast, the old me was eating a three egg omlette, with pepper jack cheese, a side of susage, grits yeas with butter and toast!,

the new way is I chop a bunch of spinach break four eggs dump the yokes and mix the spinach in, , in a cast iron pan with olive oil or pam spray, lest the egg white omlette get lightly cooked all around the edge, push to the middle, let that cook and fit, add one pcs of cheese, a little hot sauce, and serve!, one pcs of toast or ONE serving of grits, and decaff, !

stay focused and keep fighting !
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