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I would guess that the excess skin will shrink to a point, but not all the way back. You might need surgery to correct it, but did you know you could donate that skin to burn victims?? What a wonderful thing to do with something you don't want!!

In the meantime you might want to get some spanx, just to hold everything don't think those ladies on The Biggest Loser don't have excess skin???? But do you see it?? Nope it is all nicely tucked into Spanx.

I never even considered planning my meals ahead...duh! I always plan them in the morning...sort of. I like that idea a lot, and I will try and put it into practice. Great tip, thanks.

I also agree that we are responsible for everything that we put in our mouths, and by "cheating", we cheat nobody but ourselves. My goal is to hit 150 lbs, and am now sitting around 168, started at I am making some progress. Now I need to get MOVING! In the winter I find it very difficult to get up and move. What have you been doing for exercise?
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