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Default This is great feedback!

just what I was looking for, I must sadly admit I am a vetran looser, having lost near 80# 3 time in my live,and all obviously have been epic failure!, Failure in the sence of not keeping it off, on one of my last Diets I remember thinking yeah ! here I am now I can eat!.. guess what!,, here I am back. so this time I am pissed !, back with a mind set of ready to battle this disease!!, ready to make the lifestyle changes and as you might have guessed, yesterday I had a bad day, I had to deal with a subject that the old me would have went and ate!, but I did not!, along with that mini "win" I hit the scale this morning and I have lost a total of 19 lbs making this my first BLOCK of 18.5 other goals that I have noticed are increased mobility, less pain in my knees and ankles,, much less pulminary adema, and my dang pants are falling off, I am wearing a web style belt so I can cinch it up, but the pants are very soon gone, hahaha

Thank you all!
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