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You have done great. Congratulations. As far as your bluntness I have to say we all need to hear it once and a while. I was on here about 2 years ago now, and excuses made me stop my quest for a healthier life style and the reshaping of my body. My worst excuses were:
1) I do not have time to exercise--If I have time to watch TV or be on the computer then I have time to exercise!!!!
2) I do not have time to cook 2 meals one; for me and one for my meat and potato husband-- I cook one meal, I just make several types of sides to go with the meal so that I can eat more of the nutrient rich, lower calorie sides and still feel full (one benefit of this is that with the bigger variety of sides the husband is now eating a little bit of the vegetables)
3) There isn't enough time today to make a healthy I will just do something easy (normally more highly processed and full of fat)--I now plan meals in advance and do preparation for them in advanced so that when I come home I can make the meals quickly.
4) Exercise is boring--I try not to do the same thing 2 days in a row, also I do simple things like park in the farthest part of the parking lot and walk. I take the stairs instead of the elevator etc.
5) I am too tired to exercise--I know that the more exercise I do the more energy I have.
Being overweight has been my choice. The excuses I have used made it easy to blame other things. Now it is MY choice to not listen to those excuses, but to know the truth!
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