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I know with the low carb diets this may not always work, but I find that if I eat my first helping during a meal and I am still hungry I go back for the low calorie, nutrient dense foods like vegetables. I also find that eating more meals during the day (only smaller) keeps me from craving the fatty, processed foods. The last one that really seems to work for me is to eat processed food including white and brown sugar, white flour, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors etc. as little as possible. If it looks like it does in nature.... then it is what I will be more likely to eat. I have found ways of substituting more natural foods for processed ones. Butter over margarine(all fat in limited amounts, but we all do need to take in some fat in our diets) ,Wild rice or Quinoa instead of white rice etc. It is all about choices. Finding foods that are as natural as possible.
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