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Goals week of June 18th

H2O 70oz min: Y
1500 cals or less: 1450
Focus on whole foods: M: egg, green beans, quinoa, apple, grapes, is wine a whole food? Chips, chocolate square, bread, cheese slice...
Exercise 1/2 hr or more: 15
10 push-ups: Y
Work on being positive: YES!

Home goals (getting ready for weekend guests)

Scrub bathroom(s): Not yet
Get a few pix on the walls: Not yet
Stash kids toys so guests don't trip: Futile effort until this weekend
Meal plans: Not yet
Secure backyard for small dog: Not yet

Mike – Don’t think I’ve ever finished a whole 7 in a row either… you’re definitely not alone! Be careful out there tomorrow!

April – Sexy nails lady! Love em! I can walk to the dr also from work… just need to make myself do it! What meds did you get for DH? My DH has tried many meds for allergies, with varying success… just wish I could get him to get tested, so stubborn!

Lathav – Those are some lofty goals! You go girl!

Jho – Welcome back!!! Ah restaurant food… they know every trick in the book to get customers to buy/eat more.

Quinn – Yikes, 50-70 gusts? Hope you don’t need to pick-up balloons today! Time to start fresh and turn it around!

Joanna – YAY! 1 year, Congratulations for sticking to it! I just passed 6 months logging and posting on FD and I am down 10lbs from when I started. I agree it really does work!

Cassie – Wow, busy weekend indeed! Oh those yummy, deadly, weekend goodies… I am sure the fam appreciated your sacrifice ;-)

Tracey – 3lbs down… Congratulations!!! I like your goals!

Mern – Good luck this week Lady!


39, 5’6”
Started FD Jan 2012; weight 134
Current weight week of 6/18: 125, 123.6
Goal: 123
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