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awwww.. can I do 6 days starting today?

Here are my goals:
1) no more than 1650 calories
2) 8 glasses of water
3) stretch daily
4) walk or gym 2 days this week
5) try to remember you're the adult

Hi everyone.
Quinn, so glad the party went so well. I hear ya about the leftover foods tho; that always gets me.

Kudos for the weight loss, Tracey! Can we get a dancing banana for this woman?

April, love the nails.

I have only been able to browse the responses. I hope to be able to read and respond to more posts. To say that things have been stressful and crazy does not even begin to decribe things here. But I took what I hope are some positive steps (see goal 5) and I am hoping, praying for the best.

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