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So, today marks my one-year anniversary on FitDay! Whew! When I started, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I remember a friend (a casual user of the site) had mentioned it to me, and I thought, "Oh, I'll see what that's all about." I had no real intention of starting a 'weight-loss program' or anything, I just thought I'd put some food in the log and see what it said. Here I am, a year later and minus almost 37 lbs (although probably more like over 40 lbs, if you count from my highest weight recorded a couple months before FitDay.) Anyway, on one hand, I wish I had gotten farther in this year, and probably 'should' have been able to, but I realized what worked for me was not setting goals that are very strict, because I had a tendency to fall off the wagon at the first sign of failure. I think I've gotten over that maybe a little. Additionally, sometimes life gets in the way and you have to take a break - I got my insulin pump in the middle of March, and basically didn't lose a pound between then and the beginning of June, so I could focus on that. Anyway, just wanted to mark the date, and say a HUGE thank you to you guys - I really mean it when I say that without you all, I wouldn't have lost 5 lbs.

Starting weight: 192.0 lbs (6/19/2011)
Lowest weight: 154.6 (6/25/2012)
Current weight: 164.4 lbs (10/28/2013)
Total lost: 27.6 lbs
Goal: 132 lbs
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