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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
Go Abby! Go SW!
We’re trying – but he’s claiming something about a server being down, or so the Germans would have you believe (I have a German name, I think I can say that).

Nik – good luck – good job with that 4 miler was wonderful !

TM Woodward, Nik I’m dreading our projected heatwave – we’ll be flipping 50 degrees in 24 hours – I don’t handle this well, and refuse to air conditon on enviromental grounds (I’m cheap too).

Great spin class today – the “B” instructor has greatly improved, it’s kind of exciting, as she’s heard feedback and responded, wish I was as good at that skill! Did some situps and captain’s chair afterwards, then just to get SW went for a brief ride on the “Campus Loop” on the Expresso bikes.

Work has gotten crazy busy, which feels good, but makes it more important to really see workouts and eating right as essential, not something to squeeze in if everything else allows.

Happy day all!
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