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Congratulations on your success! it is sooo good to hear stories like you, it definitely motivates me to keep working hard to eventually see some progress.

I am 24 and 5'4" I need to lose about 50 lbs, its been hard becuase ive see how much weight ive put on over the past 6 years and its made my self confidence and self esteem sink down to the floor.

I started logging on to FitDay about a week ago, I havent weighed myself yet so i dont know if there'll be any progress.

More than just to lose the weight i decided to get a lifestyle change, I wanna be able to one day get married, and look and feel beautiful walking down the aisle, and to become a mother one day and be healthy for my future kids and husband.

Hope it all works out for you and dont worry about the excess skin im sure that with some weight training you may be able to get some toning, thanks for posting your story, its very inspirational!
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