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Originally Posted by clarkslp View Post
Another approach is to set your goal on behavior and not results. This worked well for me. For example, to start set a goal for average calories per day while avoiding added sugars and processed foods along with x minutes of exercise. As weeks go by start adding in more details like a daily goals for protein/carbs/fiber/fat, etc. And add goals for weight training and/or more intense cardio.

By doing this the results should come, and if not it is time to reassess your goals. The nice thing about this is whether or not you meet your goals is totally in your control, while someone setting goals to weight loss may fail to meet these goals through no fault of there own when the scale doesn't give the number they were shooting for. (which can happen for all sorts of reasons).

If you do go with weight goals, keep in mind that the weight loss at the beginning is going to be much faster then later on, so while it may only take a week to lose the first 5-10 pounds, it might take months to lose that last 5-10 pounds.

Great suggestion Clark - somewhat akin to what April was suggesting. The ultimate goal is to change the behavior that got us fat in the first place, not necessarily to keep our eyes glued to some resulting measurement.

BTW Awesome job on losing the pounds and keeping them off!
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