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Originally Posted by buda15 View Post
I work in a relatively public atmosphere and keep my graph posted in my cubicle where I see it everyday, my co-workers see how I am doing, and even my customers notice and comment on it. Talk about keeping yourself honest. When everyone you deal with sees your goal and weight loss trend you really want to keep the trend line below the goal line!
You are SOOOO brave to post your weight where everyone can see it. Although I have to say that I've posted my real weight here and found that extremely liberating.

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
I agree, almeeker. This is the first time I have really had success. Hopefully I can maintain it. You can work with whatever stats you want, there is awesome support, and it's great having to be accountable to people who are in the same boat.
Amen. The community support here is top notch.

Originally Posted by r.springstead View Post
I completely agree. I am down 167#, lost 165# in 14 months, maintained for a few months then slowly put back on 45#. I lost the original weight with diet and exercise. I started 1-4-10 to get the weight back off and to hit my ultimate goal of losing 1/2 my starting weight which was 386#. At my fitness center literally hundreds of people are drinking shakes on a 20 week program and losing weight in that time but have no idea how to live "in the real world". Not only have i lost more weight than anyone else, i have kept it off better than all of them. The real key is to figure out why you over-eat. Most programs will help you get the weight off but for long term success behavior modification is the key.
You are sooo much better off not using those shakes, short and long term. I don't know how many diets I've tried using powders and pills and none of them worked short term, let alone long. But this time is different, my "program" is tailored made for me, by me and it's working like a dream.

Originally Posted by Myrai View Post
I have always overeaten the breads - something I sort of knew but until tracking my nutrition on this site and trying some adjustments, I never believed it was the entire problem. Then again maybe I was just addicted so made the typical unhelpful excuses - basic denial while my weight grew. I feel so much more alive & i've only lost about 13# but I now exersise every day.
You sound like me, I've over-carbed my whole life. I think a big part of my problem was my optimistic nature, plain old ignorance and deep denial - well no more.

Originally Posted by DrDetroit View Post
I love the quote "independently healthy" hope you don't mind if I borrow it. wink wink... this site has taught me what never knew. Some people know by common sense I guess it never made any sense to me. In the last six months I have lost 45 pounds. My doctor is thrilled, my wife is excited, I'm happy, all it took was this site to teach me a simple way of tracking calories in & out. Plus I found an easy set of inexpensive meal choices. Smart ones. God bless y'all & keep up the progress. Peace *
Not at all borrow away. Maybe we should all get t-shirts printed up that say it?

Originally Posted by 13156851977 View Post
I have to say that I also agree... I am worried though... losing 5 kgs in two weeks just by eating and exercising is a bit questionable... As for the mood section I have to add the following: I have never realized how happy I were considering living in China!
Good luck to everyone... Be strong and your goals are the priority!
If you just started and lost 5kgs in two weeks, it could be just the honeymoon stage. I lost like 12 pounds in the first 2 weeks, then it slowed down a bit. I too am surprised at my high percentage of days that I am "happy" and "very happy", but again I have many days where the scale is a tiny bit lower than yesterday and well that would make most fat girls happy.
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