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Hi Nancy,

Sorry I haven't been on for a while - I just don't know where the weeks have gone! I have got all my veg in at the allotment and it is looking pretty good. Still got about a third to cultivate but it is neat and tidy for the time being, the weather has turned wet again so digging it is out of the question.

I have been walking the dog (no matter what the weather is doing - much to his annoyance) and watching what I am eating, so I am making slow but steady progress. My weight is going up and down so I am trying to only weigh every two weeks at exactly the same time of day to try and getting a better idea of what is going on. I have only lost 1lb since last weigh in - which is a bit annoying - but I am getting joint aches and pains from the damp weather which slows me down and I am getting water retention (puffy hands and feet). Still 1lb off is better than 1lb on!

The "wall words" can look very elegant, what colour are you going for? I saw it with cream walls and gold words in a copperplate slanting handwriting type script, it was quite subtle as you only caught sight of the words from certain places in the room. Its a super idea as you can use words that mean something special to you personally.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day here in England, so my father is coming round for lunch (he is 80). We will be having pate and toast to start (my husbands favorite) and thickly cut beef with new potatoes and pepper sauce, with salad and battered onion rings. I haven't decided on pudding yet and will take a vote on it later! I shall fill up on salad and have everything else in moderation.

Take care and look after yourself,
Much love,
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