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Default need weight loss partner/team

Currently a nursing student who is finding out everything I do is wrong wrong wrong. I am 41, 321 lbs. I drink, smoke, and sleep very little. yeah...that is what I thought too...omg this is a challenge. Good thing is I used to be rather conscious of my figure, and I do enjoy running (not at 321 though). I am an aggressive person with a large personality - alpha all the way. I will definitely push you if you can help me stay on track as well

incidentally in nursing skills lab today we did cardio vascular peer looked at my legs and said "what is that?". The skin on the lower portion of my legs is darker and splotchy - it is called venous stasis and it results from sedentary lifestyle (gamer), poor nutrition, and obesity. If I do not work this out and lose weight this vascular issue will eventually create an issue of disabling proportions...and I have a child on the way...getting in shape for me is mandatory so i will be hardcore about it...but I would like some peeps along for the ride.
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