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Default Problem w/Nutrition report

In Fitday Beta, there appears to be a problem with the report 'Nutrition.' I can never get this report to present. I first noted this issue months ago, but don't think I've reported it until now. The beta report 'Calories' always works, and I use it often, but I never can get 'Nutrition' to appear. The page shows "this may take a few seconds," and will show the <spinning request icon> for hours, but never complete.
Thought you may want to know: Premium user, Browser: Firefox, problem occurs on prior Firefox versions (~ 10) & current version: 13, OS: Windows. The nutrition reports work in Fitday Classic, but not in Beta. If you'd like more info, please let me know.
'Love fitday, I'm a long term user and it really works for me. Well, except for this one report.

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