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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
I, too apologize--I should have left out the snarkiness. By way of explaination from my perspective, your first post on the forum was to complain about a source of revenue to fund this free web site. Constructive criticisims are welcome, but threats to "leave" just trip my trigger (right or wrong, they do).

And, I don't see where Mike is making fun of anyone, and I've been made fun of my whole life so I've "been there and done that". And yes, I KNOW what it is to be hungry. Do a 30 day water fast and see if you and hunger don't get well acquainted (I've done them twice).

I am a food addict myself and I KNOW where you're coming from. But, really, you need to deal with this. All these temptations will always be out there, just like there is a bar on every corner enticing the alcoholic to have "just one little drink". Folks like you and me need to learn to cope with these urges.

So, I encourage you to stick around. FitDay, warts and all, can help you lose all the weight you want/need to.

I am late to this discussion and while I do agree with what Michael and Mike are saying about having to deal with tempations, I can also sympathize. Seeing food ads on FD where you are trying to get help might feel like seeing scotch posters at an AA meeting. Just saying.

And yeah I did get really sick of seeing Jillian on the ads. I just try and ignore em when I can. The ones that piss me off are the ones that say 5 foods you should avoid and they wind up being ads for acai berries or something like that. Really sneaky.

Thanks for getting rid of those Office Depot ads. I was going to boycott that business just because of those rollover ads. For me, certain ads sometimes have the opposite effect as intended. If they're really annoying or persistent, I just feel like I DON'T want to get behind that product.

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