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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
I hear ya! Everything you wrote makes good sense. Unless I can be sure where the green tea comes from (not grown in Japan) I'm going to stop drinking it.

I'm skeptical of everything nowaday's myself. Companies lie and deceive and that's their business model, not done by mistake. Also, I don't mind a taking a little risk in life because a little risk can't be avoided, but if a company is outright lying/covering something up I boycott them. I'm going to get to the bottom of Prince of Peace and find out for sure where the green tea is grown (I haven't checked yet).

Thanks for the heads-up on this important matter.
Its really the bummer the whole thing because I love the taste of green tea. I'm trying to find more info. I am afraid no one honestly is testing imported food, so there is little safety net out there. And its nothing against Japan. Farmers and industry are just trying to make a living and they may not know if their products are safe. Its just a very unfortunate occurrence.

I found a website for a Japanese parent's organization for protecting kids against radiation. I figured they might have some useful info, but I can't get Bing to translate the webpage because of some missing key code in my computer which I don't know what that means. My dad's neighbor used to have a geiger counter so I am going to see if he still has it and can borrow it to test some of the Asian foods I have at home. That is the only way I know of to get a definitive answer. Btw- I did run across reports of people in Alaska getting sick from the radiation fall out. Seems there is also a cover up of Calif receiving fall out. People don't realize the seriousness of this and how it will be a problem for many decades.
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