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Originally Posted by Wohali View Post
Actually my research shows that green tea originated in China but now is more commercially grown in Japan especially the cheaper varieties. Prince of Peace is really cheap so I while I enjoy the taste I'm not buying another box of it. Prince of Peace box says its "made in China" that means the tea bags are assembled there...that in no way says the tea is grown there. Thing is there is no way you can guarantee where the tea was grown since there are already cover ups going on. They have been trying to keep quiet how Meiji keeps being busted for radioactive products. They make many of the popular biscuit type Japanese snacks with chocolate and strawberry cream...and they are finding the milk from Japan contains cesium because the cows are eating irradiated grass. The fall out area encompasses a huge area now. After doing a lot of reading I decided to quit purchasing any Asian food products no matter how much I like them and green tea is next to go. Its a foolish cancer risk especially when green tea is not the "magic pill" for weight loss as everyone thinks there is some magic pill out there.

Interestingly, I emailed Lipton to ask them where they get the green tea and after many days they finally replied that I would have to call them to get the answer. Any other company you email them a question and they reply with an answer. So to me this seems suspicious especially since they proudly proclaim on their website their black teas come from Africa, but they don't say where their green tea comes from. My degree was in hazardous waste, so I'm really leery of stuff like this.

I hear ya! Everything you wrote makes good sense. Unless I can be sure where the green tea comes from (not grown in Japan) I'm going to stop drinking it.

I'm skeptical of everything nowaday's myself. Companies lie and deceive and that's their business model, not done by mistake. Also, I don't mind a taking a little risk in life because a little risk can't be avoided, but if a company is outright lying/covering something up I boycott them. I'm going to get to the bottom of Prince of Peace and find out for sure where the green tea is grown (I haven't checked yet).

Thanks for the heads-up on this important matter.

Prince of Peace is a brand you can trust. Our company has been providing quality tea products since 1985. Our organic teas are certified organic by IMO Switzerland. Instead of expensive advertising campaigns, we’ve chosen to keep our prices low, and let you tell others.

Prince of Peace often is a supporter of world relief efforts. Our Key emphasis is providing care to orphaned children with special health needs at the Prince of Peace Children’s Home in China, which serves over 100 orphans. For monthly updates, please visit:

Tea has been enjoyed for several thousand years. In many countries, it is a part of culture, everyday life, and even regarded as an art form. Tea brings people together, is relaxing and is good for your health.

Our 100% organic tea leaves that are young and tender, freshly harvested, lightly pan fried, and then dried. The pan-frying (common to Chinese green tea) process gives it its great taste, as well as its darker color. Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties which have many natural health benefits. A typical cup of green tea has about 20-30mg of caffeine, and cup of coffee ranges from 100-180mg.

Brewing Directions:
Place one tea bag in a 6 fl. oz. cup, add hot water and let it steep for 3-5 minutes before drinking. Sweeten to taste – we recommend using Prince of Peace® Honey CrystalsTM

Ingredients: Organic green tea leaves

Net Weight: 7.04oz / 200g (100 tea bags x 2g)

Product of China

Certified Organic by: IMO Switzerland
Yes, but where is is grown???

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