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Originally Posted by MikeltyPoo View Post
This may be true, but if the program were less arcane with regard this feature the user wouldn't have to search a forum. This is a documented feature (program sync) that this user (me) concluded that it should function without having to loose 3 months of data. Since it doesn't I really don't think I want to have a Premium Account.

Suppose you had a user that had a year or more of data collected in the PC version. Would you tell them: Sorry you'll have to start from scratch. Once you do everything should work fine. Is this a resonable solution.

I am grateful for the PC Version. I've had it since 2003 and recently upgraded specifically with the intent of using both the web and PC together. I've always felt that this was the best program in this genre there is. It would be marvelous should this syncing feature be modified to accept already existing data.

Thanks for your help.

You're welcome. There IS an option you may not have considered.

Create another tracking account with FD online and start fresh, no data entered. Then sync with PC. Go from there. This will work and is the easiest solution.

Sure, you won't be able to sync any of your old data (see below) but at least your old data is still stored under your other account so it's not lost.

Furthermore, if it's that important to you to have all your old data sync'd, you should be able to manually input it into your new account (after you've done your sync) and then continue syncing. Sure this is a pain, but if you really want the data altogether that would be what you could do.

Problem solved. EASY button along with UNEASY button (option).

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