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Originally Posted by mattymath View Post
Less thn 2 months ago when I started this journey my BMI was 41.62, I somewhat arbitrarily set a mini goal to get this under 36 (drop more than 5).

This morning 35.95.

I did it!

My weight has gone from 298.4 to 257.8 in this time. So I have officially lost over 40 pounds. I have a long way to go to get to my ultimate goal of 170 so I'm just looking at my next mini goal of going under 255. I'm giving myself a deadline of June 23 for this.

Anyway, to celebrate, I'm going out for a 1.25 mile run today.
I made it to my mini goal. This morning's weigh in of 253.6 means 2 days in a row of under 255. My next goal is 250.8 which I'm giving myself two weeks to obtain. This weight would put my BMI under 35 which would mean I'm closer to "overweight" than to "morbidly obese." I would like to see this on the scales by June 28, the day I leave for an eleven day running camp with my kids' cross country team.
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